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What the autograph world calls one of the most blatant conmen, Allen Radwill is scamming collectors al over the world with a complete inventory of autographs forgeries on his website Here what he says on his website, "I do not issue COAs"? Translated: You Will end up with a Forgery and NOT be able to get a refund no matter WHO confirms it is a fraudulent autograph. Mr Radwill also states, I do not believe in authentication companies. Translated: NO Matter who confirms you bought a FORGERY from Mr Radwill's website Guaranteed Autographs at, he WILL NEVER refund you because he will REJECT ANY opinion. We wish we knew before buying a JFK Forgery from him.

Advice: Mr Radwill does NOT sell Genuine autographs. We could NOT find a SINGLE genuine autograph on YES, his prices are a fraction of other Reputable dealers. WHY? Because he NEVER bought them himself, they are ALL Forgeries. If you DID buy an autograph from Mr Allen Radwill, immediately submit it to a reputable authentication service. If he WILL NOT refund you for that Forgery, contact the New Jersey Attorney General's Office. Don't waste your time with his absurdity about his standing with the BBB, because a Dog can register with the BBB and they do NOT take action against frauds like Mr Radwill. If you are looking to buy a Genuine autograph first go to a reputable autograph organization like the UACC or PADA and locate a dealer in their Approved Dealer Directories. You WIL NOT find Mr Radwill and Guaranteed Autographs at, on ANY of those Approved Dealer lists.

Monetary Loss: $1500.


Los Angeles, California, United States #807042

After re-reading the article above I have to say I'm really baffled. In my experience as a jazz music lover, I have found that Alan Radwill, who I first met on eBay, has some of the finest jazz records autographed by jazz musicans I have ever seen.

I have purchased many autographed albums from him signed by John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Chet Baker and others. I can show scans of the signatures to anyone who wants to see them. I'm sure you would be just as impressed as I am. The autographs are superb.

No autograph authenticator would find anything to object to about them. I have even resold a few of the albums on eBay when I traded up and bought another autograph by the same artist and I offered a money back guarantee and I never had a complaint nor did I receive anything but the best positive feedback. Several of the albums were purchased by known autograph dealers and I talked to them aftwards and they were very satisfied. So what's all the fuss about?

I'm glancing at some of the awesome jazz albums I got from Alan on my wall right now, including those signed by Lee Morgan, Hank Mobley and Bud Powell. They are so historical and I feel the same joy in the albums as the day I bought them. Alan never gave me a COA and I never needed one.

The author above may "NOT find a SINGLE genuine autograph on" but I certainly did. After reading the article it struck me as over the top and I just felt that my very satisfactory experiences buying from Alan I'd like to come to his defence.

to beachbro Dallas, Texas, United States #995912

Hi from Oregon:

I'm curious what your Lee Morgan autographs look like. It is so hard to find an example of his signature to compare with the one I have.

Can you send a photo attachment or a scan?


Radwill is a complete fraud !! He will hurt u financially.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #748651

Howd you find out?

New York, New York, United States #668723

I thought his prices were too good to be true. Stay away from Allen Radwill's forgeries.

New York, New York, United States #668722

Just got ripped off by this scammerl. Wish I had red this beofre


guaranteedautographs is apparently run by a guy named Allen Radwill. I think this guy may be a crook!

I was looking for Beatles autographs and then realized every single one of his autographs f blatant fakes! WOW!

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